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The effective training of valuable and highly remunerated members of your technical personnel actually further increases their skill levels, potential performance, efficiency and occupational satisfaction. Your organization is only as good as its people so you owe it to them and to your business to make a real investment in training and safeguarding what is your most valuable business asset.

trainingBreakspear Technologies only uses trainers who are highly qualified and experienced IT professionals in order to ensure a training regime of consistent quality. We can train on or off site and we emphasize the benefits of a low student to teacher ratio with a recommended maximum of 8:1. We can provide comprehensive education with regard to both new and established technologies.

Breakspear Technologies provides a whole range of structured and tailored training courses to meet the customer's individual requirements. If you have specific IT training requirements outside our regular course prospectus then allow Breakspear Technologies to design the training to meet your own precise circumstances and requirements. We can provide tailored training using a combination of lectures, tutorials, one-to-one sessions, self-study materials and computer-based education.

Breakspear Technologies can provide:

The broad spectrum of IT training services that Breakspear Technologies can provide includes, but is by no means limited to, the following areas:


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